Let’s Talk Trade and unlock Calderdale’s global potential.



Let’s Talk Trade is a series of virtual panel discussions delivered in partnership with Calderdale Council and Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, and in support of the Council’s Vision 2024 initiative.

The series has been designed to empower local businesses to thrive following the end of the Brexit transition period and realise the opportunities ahead, both in terms of importing and exporting and maximising other elements of their operations.

The series of virtual panel discussions are free to access for Calderdale business owners and decision makers.

Discover our suite of focused topic discussions and unlock your business’s potential.


Let’s Talk Trade – live event

Enjoy the discussion and debate from the recent Let’s Talk Trade live event.

Expanding opportunities and new markets – part one

Are you realising the true potential of importing and exporting? This discussion highlights opportunities around new markets, empowering local businesses to thrive following the end of the Brexit transition period and realise the trading opportunities ahead.

Expanding opportunities and new markets – part two

The second Let’s Talk Trade session, designed to help attendees discover fresh opportunities and new markets for importing and exporting, and to empower local businesses to thrive in international trade following the end of the Brexit transition period.

Exploring India for Calderdale’s global future

Trade between the UK and India was worth £24 billion in 2019, an increase of 10% on the previous year. And following our country’s exit from the European Union, businesses in Calderdale are being encouraged to explore new opportunities for international trade.

Calderdale’s climate emergency

Firms from across Calderdale discuss the role of businesses in tackling the climate emergency on a local level. Topics including sustainability, carbon offsetting and renewable energy will be discussed, with businesses invited to submit their own questions.

Tackling modern recruitment challenges

Recruitment is a key part of any business’s growth ambitions and can be a highly competitive and often difficult process, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The session features discussions on the challenges associated with the process and how these can be overcome.


Challenges and opportunities for trade post-Brexit

Paul Walters, Director, Lime Tree Europe, discusses the challenges and opportunities for global trade in a post-Brexit landscape.

New markets, new opportunities

Antonia Gott from Antonia & Panesar discusses trading in new markets and the opportunities this can bring in challenging times.

Exploring India for Calderdale’s Global Future

Simon Brown, Managing Director of Sniffers Pet Care, discusses exploring India for Calderdale’s Global Future.

Calderdale’s climate emergency

Sam Saxby, Green Economy Team Leader at Calderdale Council, discusses the role of businesses in Calderdale’s climate emergency.

Explaining procurement for Calderdale’s businesses

Deborah Gaunt, Corporate Procurement Officer at Calderdale Council, explains the procurement process for Calderdale’s businesses.

Recruit, Retain, Recover

Matthew Metcalfe, Senior Manager at Covéa Insurance, discusses how businesses can effectively recruit and retain talent as they recover from Covid-19.


Our panel of experts and guest speakers are here to support you on your business journey. Together, we can unlock the potential of Calderdale’s global future.

Jon Crowther

SME Growth Manager
Calderdale Council


Henry Hopper

Business Start Up Manager
Calderdale Council


Gail Cherry

Business Adviser


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